14 March 2010

No No-fly Zone

Turns out the dream of making from Swatragh to Hong Kong without leaving the surface of the earth (apart from the odd jump of joy) has been punctured rather early.

Due to scheduling issues, we'll actually be flying from Dublin into Munich instead of getting the boat to Holyhead, train to London, Eurostar to Paris and finally a sleeper to Munich.  That would have taken 24 hours.  Flying is 2 hours.  Also, the cost of flying is definitely a lot less than half that of the other option.

But those are not the main reasons for flying though.

The carbon footprint would be significantly lower boating and training it.  But it falls down to the fact that we can't get a proper connection between arriving in London and departing on the Eurostar.  We would only have 20 minutes to get from Paddington to St Pancreas, without staying another night in London.

The alternative is to spend another night in London, but due to time constraints, we don't want to do that.  Mum would certainly like me to stay as long as possible in Ireland before we go, and we've a few friends in Munich that are heading of on Easter holidays, so the earlier we get there the better.

Friends and Family come first.


Paula said...

Try not to fly any more - we'll let you away with that!