07 March 2010

Cash In Hand

"No receipt"
"No receipt?"
"You can get one once you pick up your passport"

Couldn't do much about it, since I'm the one who wants the Mongolian visa, so they have the power.  The form had been quite primitive, and the whole atmosphere in the Mongolian embassy on that Wednesday morning was very relaxed (well, the visa office part of it anyway, which was tucked in down in a cellar, didn't get to see the other part).  I paid up the £40, which I thought was reasonable for it, was told to come back in two days, and left.  I picked it up on Friday.  So laid back.

I know that the application for the Russian visa will be nowhere near as simple, from the questions we have already asked the helpful people at RealRussia.  And China will be just as much fun, but we don't plan to get the Tibet stuff sorted out until we get to Hong Kong.

Leaving the embassy, I wondered if Mongolian was that laid back in real life; I'll see in a couple of months time.  It's a huge place, with the lowest population density in the world, maybe that helps.