16 March 2010

I Hate Goodbyes

Yesterday was my last day in the office.  Saying goodbyes to people is one thing that I've never been good at.  I prefer to just try and slip out without anyone noticing.  (This is one reason why I tend to be the last out of the pub, along with the other hardcore hangers on, you don't need to do the whole awkward goodbye thing to loads of people).

Anyway, it turned out to be rather nice.  I got lots of warm well-wishing responses to my 'Aufwiedersehen' mail from people who I'd worked with over the last few years.  Thanks for all those, it was all very appreciated.

Then I tried to make my move, but did manage to get accosted by about 7-8 members of my team (you know who you are!) for a final 'ciao'.  Then I wandered out, with the odd nod to people who spied me on the way.  The Goodbye was over.

And hats off to Rohit, who put the shits up me when he wrote back to me indicating that I'd forgotten to put the 'L' in front of earn in the following sentence in my goodbye e-mail:

In my time at GS I’ve met many great people and built relationships that I believe will last a long time, and earned lots in the process.

Luckily, he'd simply removed the damn 'L' in the reply.