28 August 2006

The Beer Monkey

Hopefully I'll get back to writing more regularly in the next few days. Passed the exam, so no more studying to do (for the time being anyway).

I spent the last weekend in Budweis in the Czech Republic, where a colleague of mine comes from. As expected (due to the quality of the beer there), I ended up get pissed on a couple of night. Waking up the next morning made me think of something that happens to everyone (who drinks) at some stage: the visit of the beer monkey (amusing link).

Obviously there are many worse things about the beer monkey, but the most constant thing for me about his visits is how my hair looks in the morning. When I go to sleep sober, I wake up and my hair looks grand (well, as far as my hair goes). But after the beer monkey has dropped by, there are bits sticking up left right and centre in gravity defying positions (I've thin hair that always just falls over) that even the strongest hair wax can achieve.

What's your most regular or annoying feature of his calls?