12 August 2006

All Quiet On The Blogging Front

It's been a while since my last post. Next Monday I'll be sitting for a Java programmer exam, so most of my free time in the last week or so has been dedicated to studying for it. Hopefully I'll get it first time, and I can start to put up a few decent articles again (but a few celebratory drinks will have higher priority).

After that though I've a few other things that need to be done, so i reckon posting will still not be too frequent, but I'll be aiming for at least one a week. Me and Audrey (the wife) are moving out of Germany by the end of the year, so we'll need to start looking for jobs, and also organising all our stuff to be sent to wherever we go (likely destination, London).

So, it could be a while until my next proper post (unless I take a decent break from studying)


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the exam!

Anonymous said...

Yea also. I hope I made you happy now. No time to read though. Anyways I will take a look when I get proper internet access at home i.e. when I move to Japan and have my own apartment.

Anonymous said...

That was me brian by the way

Anonymous said...

Du you have to move to Japan to be able to afford your own apartment???

Anonymous said...

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