06 July 2006

White Collar Crime, Do No Time

The recent Italien football scandal has once again highlighted the inadequacies of the rule of law to deal with white collar crime. It seems that once again only the plebs are going to be the ones who suffer.

In this case it is the fans of Juventus and the other three clubs involved who will really be punished. While the big knobs at the top have committed the crimes, it seems that all they have to do is resign to be absolved of any wrong-doing, while the fans will have to watch their team play in lower quality leagues. The players should be ok, either they stick it out for a season or two, while still earning a fortune, or they can choose to go to another club.

It's the humble fan who is loyal to his club who is really being punished. The directors need to brought to justice properly, preferably with a nice stretch behind bars to make them realise that they just can't do what they want to achieve success, it has to be earned.


Anonymous said...

Absolutely true, but I reckon these guys in Italy are just the unlucky (stupid?) 1% that have been caught.

Sokratees9 said...

yeah unfortunately.