13 June 2006


It's been more than a week now since my last entry; you may be wondering if this is one of the quickest dying blogs on the web ever. Does enthusiasm die that quickly? For me, I hope not. My excuse was that i was on holiday for the past week (well, Sunday to Sunday). Hopefully I'll get back into the rhythm in the next few days. But the question is how long does the average blog last?

A quick search on the old favourite, wikipedia, turned up very little useful info, so I moved on to googling it (new verbs still springing up everywhere, I've even found myself saying, "I'll skype you later"). The first reasonable info I found was, unsurprisingly, on a blog, unfortunately the stats are from 2003. More detailed info of these statistics can be found here.

Anyway, it seems I've out-lasted more than 25% of blogs merely by making more than one post. And an average active blog is updated once every two weeks, so it seems my target of trying to do an article a day is maybe a little ambitious, but I'll still aim for that (better to aim high I reckon). As usual, stats should be taken with a pinch of salt, not only due to the age of the survey, and also that they have only taken account of blogs from (as far as I can tell) blog servers, and not dedicated blogs, which I assume would be more persistent.

Finally, I seem to have found a more recent article, although still a year or so old, and relying on some even older stats. Here there is a lot more info than I care to go into, but I'll try and pull out a few choice cuts

"Wired exulted that "nine blogs are created every minute and 2.3 content updates are posted every second". Those seeking perspective might ask how many disappear every minute and note other 'magical' statistics, e.g. globally there is a suicide every 40 seconds."

I like this comment, but it should be noticed that i read a few weeks ago that there is now a new blog created every second (can't get the link to this article yet).

"Several studies indicate that most blogs are abandoned soon after creation and that few are regularly updated. The 'average blog thus has the lifespan of a fruit fly; one cruel reader of this page commented that the average blog also has the intelligence of a fly."

Hmm, biting. It's certainly worth taking a few minutes, if you have the time, to view some of the other points on that page. Just on a personal note, my wife started a blog about a year ago, and made about 10 entries before getting bored, so my first target is to beat that.


Anonymous said...

Hope you can reach your targets and more...
An article doesn't have to be whole book either (like all the others you've posted so far, it's nice but i can understand if people can't do that on a daily basis), it can just be a two liner, a random thought or even a picture.

Also try and make some advertising for this, the more people participate the better and you won't get bored that easily.



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