29 May 2006

Welcome, first test post

Welcome to the blog that hopes to keep track of things that should concern any intelligent and right minded thinking person. This is my first (attempt at a) blog, so hopefully i can get quite a few articles under my belt in the next few weeks, and a few views, to get a bit of momentum going, and not go the way of many other blogs.

I want to keep this initial entry reasonably short, as I've a more pressing entry that i need to make as soon as i get this up and running properly.

The aim of this blog is to highlight problems in our world, problems created by people (generally businesses, big ones at that) that should be solvable by the people (either by letting relevant organisations know how they feel or by non-participation). These topics could range from environmental issues to salary caps for footballers

About me: I'm a concerned 26 year old software programmer living in Munich. Like most bloggers (I assume), I don't claim to be an expert in most of the areas i might comment on, but am interested in them. Plus, I'm no man of words.Stephen O'Kane


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